About Dr. Staroselsky

Dr. Arthur Staroselsky is a Medical Doctor (MD) certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada. He has a special interest and training in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Staroselsky  worked in such hospitals as Sunny Brook Hospital (Toronto), Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto), Women’s College Hospital (Toronto), Royal Victoria Hospital (Barrie), McKenzie Health Center (Richmond Hill).

He is a fellow of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine, active member of Canadian Medical Association (CMA), Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. He successfully combines clinical practice with teaching students in McMaster University and has a number of publications.

Dr. Staroselsky pursued an additional several years of subspecialty training in Aesthetic Medicine, including fellowship and courses in France, USA and Israel. Having further specialized in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Staroselsky is highly qualified to perform nonsurgical facial enhancement and skin rejuvenation injectable procedures. Most demanding patients notice that he is fluent in the art of injecting methods of correction of facial contours while maintaining its natural proportions.

In his practice, Dr. Staroselsky uses medications and remedies approved by the Ministry of Health Canada such as Allergan (Botox, Juviderm), Q-Med (Restylane), Merz Aesthetics (Radiesse, Xeomin, Esthelis), Teoxane (Teosyal), Prollenium (Ovita, Revanesse) and others. All drugs tested for shelf life and have the number of the certificate, which is indicated in the patient’s card prior to the procedure. All injectable aesthetic procedures are performed directly by Dr. Staroselsky and not delegated to nurses or physician assistant.

“It is not a secret that people are willing to stay healthy, young and attractive as long as possible. I assume the firm belief that everyone can look like they feel. With help of the latest innovations in the field of aesthetic medicine you may look young and attractive at any age.”

Sincerely, Dr. Arthur Staroselsky

Arthur Staroselsky

Dr. Arthur Staroselsky

Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Family Medicine
McMaster University


“Dr. Staroselsky takes time to listen to your concerns, he answers all your questions, he never rushes you. He explains if you do not understand. In fact, he explains every single detail. He is empathetic. Who wouldn’t want a fantastic doctor who is always there when you need him?! It doesn’t take “a century” to get an appointment to see him. His staff are friendly.”

– J. N.

“I am 62. I had to change family doctor for my previous one retired. On my first appointment Dr.Staroselsky looked me over, found suspicious spot on my back and removed it at the next appointment. It turned out to be melanoma in its initial phase. Never before I had my back inspected. Later, the dermatologist said that this doctor saved my life. How would you rate such doctor?! Besides, very pleasant, intelligent and cooperative.”

– P. W.

“Very knowledgable and attentive doctor with years of hospital experience. Takes his responsibilities seriously. He cares! Never rushes, but takes his own time to explain the things you need to know and understand. Highly recommended.”

– R. A.



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Presentations, Articles and Publications

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  1. CIHR Strategic Training Program in Tobacco Use in Special Populations Award. June 2006, Toronto, Canada.
  2. Best Research Award. June 1988. Vitebsk, Russia.
  3. Student Excellence Award. June 1987. Donetsk, Ukraine.


2006 Permanent License to Practice Medicine in Ontario
1994 Permanent License to Practice Medicine in Israel
1989 Medical Doctor degree (MD)


2007 – 2009 Family Medicine Residency program. Department of Family and Community Medicine, Women’s College Hospital.University of Toronto – Toronto, Canada.
2006 – 2007 Clinical Fellowship. Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, The Hospital for Sick Children.University of Toronto – Toronto, Canada.
1993 – 1994 Internship PGY1, Assaf ha Rofe Hospital.Tel-Aviv University – Zrifin, Israel.
1989 – 1990 Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Residency Program. Department of Anaesthesiology and ICU Kalinin Regional Hospital.Donetsk Medical University – Donetsk, Ukraine.
1983 – 1989 Medical Doctor Diploma.Donetsk Medical University – Donetsk, Ukraine.

Additional Education

2013 Introduction to Dermoscopy.Cardiff University – Cardiff, United Kingdom.
2013 Laser and Aesthetic Skin Therapy.The Harvard Medical School – Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
2013 Introduction to Dermoscopy.Cardiff University – Cardiff, United Kingdom.
2009 Counselling Skills Education Program. Department of Family and Community MedicineUniversity of Toronto – Toronto, Canada.
2007 Centre for the Evaluation of the Health Professional Educated Abroad (Toronto, Canada).
2006 Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Sunnybrook Hospital. (Toronto, Canada).