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What is Visia Skin Analysis?

Technological advancements never cease to surprise the human mind. In this walk of innovation, the dermatological science is not behind anyone. Visia Skin Analysis is a new technology which allows each individual to gain a deeper understanding of their skin, offering a comprehensive skin evaluation with the help of computerized photo-assessments.

The innovative technology of this service makes possible the examination of UV spots, age spots, red areas, tiny blood vessels, wrinkles, brown spots, pores, acne-causing bacteria as well as the skin texture.

VISIA complexion analysis in toronto

The analysis allows us to see the true underlying condition of our skin with the help of exposure to different lights. Visia employs a multi-spectral imaging and analysis to examine the 8 prime areas that affect the skin appearance. This provides a multi-dimensional portrait of an individual’s skin.

How does Visia work?

Visia Skin Analysis begins with a gentle cleansing of the skin in order to prepare it for the computerized photo-assessment. Visia photographs can either be standard or UV.

visia skin analysis - dr. star clinicThe doctor carefully analyses the computerized image of your skin and then prescribe a tailored solution to improve the condition of your skin. Laser treatments, skin care products, and injectables are some solutions that most doctors and clinics provide.

This technology also gives the luxury of viewing what your skin will look like with and without the treatments a few years down the lane. Once the skin is analyzed and the solutions are prescribed, the doctors explain to you, in professional one-to-one sessions, the varied options you may have in front of you.

After a satisfactory discussion, the professionals will devise a unique treatment plan suiting your comfort and needs. The visual impacts of the analysis make the treatment plan simpler and easier to comprehend. Moreover, the first analysis lays the path for future evaluations wherein the patients and the doctors can check the effects, and the side-effects, if any, of the on-going treatment.

Benefits of Visia Skin Analysis

  1. Visia Skin Analysis is a cutting-edge technology to examine the exact true condition of the skin and can potentially act as the convincing force to persuade people to take better care of their skin.
  2. The medical sciences offer a plethora of solutions to skin conditions such as acne, aging, wrinkles, redness etc. but the first step is the recognition of the intensity that they exist in.
  3. Analysis such as Visia can really motivate people to regularly wear their sunscreen and say no to sun beds.
  4. The comparison of the skin condition of an individual with his/her peers (from the same age group, ethnicity or complexion) really enables one to see how damaged his/her skin is. In addition to pores, acne-causing bacteria and wrinkles, the system also identifies and addresses skin irregularities and other, more harmful, conditions such as hyper-pigmentation, spider veins, and rosacea.
  5. The following sessions of Visia Skin Analysis allow the patient as well as the doctors to see which treatments are working well, which need to enhanced further and which needs to be abandoned. The extensive technology also allows the doctors to look for any potential skin conditions that may be present and thus provide careful treatments before they worsen.
  6. The analysis is a great way to improve not only the appearance but also the health of the skin.

Why should I go for a skin analysis?

There is no denying the existence of a population that does not believe in analyzing or treating their skin as for them it is but the natural course of life. But with the rising pollution levels, the enormous stress we live in one can never be too careful.

Technologies such as Visia Skin Analysis enhance our ability to keep our skin healthier for a longer period of time. The highly-detailed and precise imaging of Visia makes it possible for the professionals to present you with the optimum rejuvenation options according to your skin type.

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